Ethics and Guidelines

The Scoop Kenya is evolving and will continue to evolve as it builds a portfolio of modern editorial networks and partners across multiple mediums driving the future of journalism even though our commitment to the core values of integrity and passion will never change.

Our editorial guidelines aim to give our teams clear guidance about what to avoid and the public knowledge of what to expect, simultaneously, we recognize the impossibility of reducing the complexity of real life to a simple checklist or rulebook and encourage conversation and dialogue with colleagues and supervisors about concrete situations as superior to trying to craft an ethics policy that would address every conceivable dilemma.

Conflicts of interest, activism and disclosures

We have complete editorial independence and our editorial staff and contributors take their beats seriously.

Any editorial team member or contributors will be recused from a story and publicly disclose conflicts of interest when editorially appropriate.

This may include a personal or family relationship, personal financial investment or relevant political activity.

Our staff will also refrain from demonstrating or donating to causes that could compromise their journalistic coverage of an issue.

We accept financial contributions from individual audience members and funding from grant organizations, however, this financial support does not affect editorial independence.

Corrections, updates and deletions

The Scoop Kenya makes every effort for content to be completely accurate upon publication.

If a correction is required, however, we are transparent and update a story if new information either adds to or invalidates the original story, we will issue corrections for a factual error or if a typo in the copy could cause audiences to misunderstand the story.

We almost always leave all editorial content live, with notes and corrections as needed. We may, in rare instances, remove content from our websites, social media pages, or related platforms for legal reasons or extenuating circumstances.

Removal will never be at the direction of, or be influenced by, our advertisers and will always be approved by editorial leadership.


The Scoop Kenya obtains news and content from a variety of sources.

Some of our sources do not wish to be named, and we grant anonymity when we know our sources to be credible and reliable, and that their story would otherwise not be told.

We make best efforts to confirm the veracity of the information provided by anonymous sources and will not include any information we have not thoroughly vetted.

It is our policy not to pay sources.

Gifts and giveaways

We do not accept gifts or other consideration from companies as a condition or incentive to write a review or story, whether favorable or unfavorable. Any gifts accepted will be of minor value and in no way compromises or guarantees editorial coverage of the event, product, or service.


The Scoop Kenya is home to editorial networks and the businesses that enable them, in no case, however, do these efforts interfere with the integrity of our editorial teams or the content they create.

This includes divisions responsible for selling advertising and editorial sponsorships on our properties.

Some of our content contains affiliate links, which means we will receive a commission for purchases made via those links; when our editorial or commerce teams have manually added affiliate links to our articles, we will include a disclosure within the content.

Advertisements do not necessarily reflect the views of The Scoop Kenya or our editorial teams.