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Our team is made up of a group of experienced writers and researchers who are dedicated to delivering accurate and engaging content to our readers.

We come from diverse backgrounds and have a wide range of expertise, allowing us to provide a variety of content that appeals to a broad audience.

Martin Mwabili

Martin Mwabili is an accomplished journalist, widely known for his exceptional writing skills and ability to tackle complex topics with ease.

Over the years, Martin has carved out a niche for himself as an expert in guides, problem-solving articles, and listicles.

His unique style of writing combines simplicity and depth, making his articles both informative and engaging.

Martin’s career as a journalist began over a decade ago, working for various local and international media outlets.

He quickly made a name for himself as a versatile writer, covering a wide range of topics, from politics and business to entertainment and lifestyle.

As his career progressed, Martin found his true calling in writing guides, problem-solving articles, and listicles.

He saw the need to provide practical solutions to everyday problems and to break down complex topics into simple, understandable pieces of information.

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Cedric Theuri

Cedric Theuri, a seasoned journalist with over 5 years of experience, is a distinguished expert in the realm of digital journalism.

His insightful reporting and keen understanding of the evolving media landscape make him a trailblazer in leveraging technology to deliver compelling stories.

With a knack for staying at the forefront of digital trends, Cedric is dedicated to providing audiences with accurate, engaging, and timely news in the ever-evolving world of online journalism.

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Melissa Jeptoo

Melissa Jeptoo is a talented and accomplished journalist who has made a name for herself in the field of writing guides, problem-solving articles and listicles.

Born and raised in Eldoret, Kenya, Melissa had a passion for writing from a young age and pursued a degree in journalism at a local university.

After graduating, Melissa worked as a freelance journalist for several years, writing for various publications and honing her skills in different writing styles.

Her passion for providing useful and practical information to readers led her to focus on writing guides, problem-solving articles, and listicles, which she found to be a perfect fit for her interests and talents.

Over the years, Melissa has written extensively on a wide range of topics, including personal finance, health and wellness, travel, and lifestyle.

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Sean Njiru

Sean Njiru, a seasoned senior journalist with over a decade of experience, is a trailblazer in the realm of digital journalism.

Specializing in celebrity biographies, net worth analyses, and the ever-evolving tech landscape, Sean combines his deep industry knowledge with a keen eye for captivating storytelling.

His insightful articles not only delve into the lives of prominent figures but also navigate the intricate intersections of fame, wealth, and technology, making him a respected authority in the field.

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We also work with a number of contributors; Tyla Mutuku, Brian Wafula and Yvette Zawadi.

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