PHOTOS: Meet Footballer Michael Olunga’s Girlfriend Grace Edith Akinyi

Michael Olunga and his girlfriend Grace Akinyi PHORO/Instagram

Michael Olunga is one of the most talented and successful football players from Kenya, who has gained international recognition for his skills and achievements on the field.

However, behind every great athlete, there is often a supportive and inspiring partner who shares their journey and their dreams.

In the case of Olunga, his girlfriend has been a source of love, strength, and motivation throughout his career.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the life and personality of Olunga’s girlfriend, as well as their relationship and how it has influenced his success.

Olunga first introduced his girlfriend, Grace Edith Akinyi, in 2019 after hiding her from the public eye for quite some time.

Taking to Instagram the lad instigated jealousy among his peers by posting aesthetic photos of the lass who swept him off his feet.

Olunga showcased his mellow side for the first time ever, on Instagram by sharing photos of his beautiful girlfriend, followed by the caption, ’My favourite’.

Con game

Olunga recently found himself in a legal battle over a real estate investment that nearly cost him Ksh 67 million.

Olunga, who currently plays for Al-Duhail Football Club in Qatar, invested in a commercial plot in Nairobi with his girlfriend through a real estate company called Captain Real Estate.

The couple paid the full purchase price of Ksh 67,292,500 in September 2022, but the company refused to transfer the property to them. Instead, they allegedly sold the land to a third party and made false promises to Olunga and Akinyi.

Concerned about the deceitful actions of the real estate firm, Olunga enlisted the help of a lawyer and filed a lawsuit against the company.

Speaking in an interview with the Nairobian, Olunga swore that despite repeatedly demanding that the company either reimburse them or transfer the property after payments, they were consistently subjected to promises and counter-promises without any concrete action taken.

He further stated that instead of honoring their end of the bargain and returning their money, the company called for a meeting with their lawyer on October 30, 2022, where they disclosed their intention to sell the property to a third party.

Olunga expressed surprise at seeing the same parcel of land advertised to potential buyers in November 2022, even though they had paid the full purchase price and had the sale contract signed.

“Our advocate then wrote to the company asking for a refund but they did nothing. They were notoriously enjoying possession of our money and using the property at our expense,” he said.

Olunga noted that after being frustrated for a prolonged period and facing refusal by the company to transfer the property or refund the money, they eventually decided to go to court in February to safeguard the land to avoid losing everything.

“The company refused to honour its end of the bargain to affect the transfer of the property to Grace Akinyi and myself. They have been consistently treating us to false promises, only to realise that they had advertised the property on social media sites and sold it to a third party,” said Olunga.

According to Elvis Majani, the lawyer representing Michael Olunga and his wife, Captain Real Estate Company breached the contract they entered into and should be stopped from selling the land to third parties or compelled to refund the Ksh 67 million, plus interest accrued for the period they held onto it.

“The company breached the contract by failing to complete the transfer of the property after accepting considerable money from Olunga with the knowledge that they were not intending to transfer the said property after being paid,” said Majani

Majani also accused the company of offering the property for sale to third parties while still holding onto the money paid by Olunga and his wife.

Fortunately, the parties reached an agreement to settle the dispute out of court, which was adopted as an order by Justice Alfred Mabeya.

Grace Edith Akinyi photos


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Michael Olunga

Michael Olunga is a Kenyan professional footballer who plays as a striker for the Kenya national team and Al-Duhail SC, a Qatari football club. He was born on March 26, 1994, in Nairobi, Kenya.

Olunga began his football career at the Liberty Sports Academy in Nairobi before moving to the Tusker FC, a top Kenyan football club. In 2015, he moved to Sweden and joined Djurgardens IF, where he scored 12 goals in 27 appearances in his debut season.

He later played for Guizhou Zhicheng and Girona FC before joining Kashiwa Reysol in the Japanese J1 League, where he scored 28 goals in 32 appearances in the 2019 season and won the league’s Golden Boot.

In 2020, Olunga joined Al-Duhail SC in Qatar, where he has continued his impressive scoring record, scoring 18 goals in 20 appearances in his first season.

He has also been a regular member of the Kenyan national team, scoring over 20 goals for his country.

Olunga is known for his excellent finishing ability, physical strength, and speed, making him a dangerous attacker.

He has won several individual awards throughout his career, including the J1 League Golden Boot, J1 League Best XI, and the Kenyan Premier League Player of the Year award.

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